Arteriosclerotic Vascular Disease

There are several common conditionsof Arteriosclerotic Vascular Disease. The vascular disease occurs in the cardiovascular system that is the heart and blood. The reason for the disease is the fat that deposit on the walls of the arteries. This results in narrowing the blood vessels that restrict the blood flow in heart and other body organs. It creates several heath problems in people. The atherosclerosis was considered to occur in any body parts. This type of disease could be treated easily. The vascular disease is mainly related to the artery inner walls.

It is important to note that this medical condition could not be identified with just a single test; hence multiple tests are carried out to diagnose and identify if a patient suffer Arteriosclerotic Vascular Disease.

The blood vessels consist of three layers. The first layer is all the connective tissues that give a proper structure to the tissues. The middle layers have smooth muscles that expand and contracts for controlling the blood and the last layer consist of a thin layer of endothelial cells that gives a protective and smooth surface to the vessels. The main role of the endothelial cells is to protect the inner layer from getting damages by the toxic substances. In case, if this toxic substance could not be checked at a time then it would hamper the inner layers. This would then lead to the dysfunction of endothelial that would result in the artery disease. Once the arteries get affected, then it becomes hard for the heart to pump blood.

It is important to treat the endothelial dysfunction as it has become the major reason of Arteriosclerotic Vascular Disease. This involves the risk of other vascular diseases that could only be recognized by performing blood test. The blood test results were then used to treat the disease by identifying the risk factors. Arteriosclerosis has become a common disease among the people where the fats start getting deposited near the artery walls. This blocks the blood passage to the heart. A high risk involve with the disease is that in increases with the age of people.

Several treatments were performed to cure the vascular diseases. The treatment procedure involves widening the artery, coronary stenosis procedures, replacing it with the working one or discarding it depending on the patient condition.

Arteriosclerotic Vascular Disease
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Arteriosclerotic Disease :