Arteriosclerotic Plaque

Arteriosclerotic Plaque development is actually a typical procedure and is contrary to the belief of several science procedures and programs. Arteriosclerotic factually known as hardening of artery. As humans age, the walls of the blood vessel also grow a bit harder and stiffer, with less flexibility. One of the very common problems of arteriosclerosis is known as an atherosclerosis. In such a condition, the plaques collect in the arteries.

A plaque is a hardened mass composed of dead cells, lipids, platelets, and fibrous tissue. The flow of blood can be blocked through the artery, if the plaque grows bigger. A stroke occurs if an artery of the brain gets blocked. Similarly, due to the blockage of coronary artery, a heart attack occurs. Harm to either the heart or the brain takes place when the oxygen-deprive-tissue area dies. A harsh difficulty of atherosclerosis takes place when a portion of the plaque breaks. This is also known as embolism.
Arteriosclerotic Plaque
At the start, we surely realize that the plates are undoubtedly not formed by just cholesterol, but, by a variety of components like triglycerides, heavy metals, triglycerides as well as residues of WBC (White Blood Cells). Probably patients of Arteriosclerotic Plaques are not aware of this fact. As most of us believe, that only cholesterol is the only cause for this plaque. Cholesterol is made from the foodstuffs we eat, but can also be produced by the liver. Cholesterol is a necessary product for many significant hormones and for the producer of cell membrane. It is a wonder that a product so, useful can cause such harm. It is a reason for myocardial infarction and other major strokes, wouldn’t it?

The existence of these diseases has been found since last many centuries. The myocardial infarction has been traced by the scientists among the Egyptian pharaohs of ancient times. This disease is very rare at that time. Moreover, mainly the wealthy ones are affected by myocardial infarction, at that time. It seems that myocardial infarction has grown to be typical after 1920.

Free radicals are the basic reason behind the cause of this disease. Under the reaction of particular irritants (tobacco, radiation and other chemicals), the totally free radicals use to grow in curious numbers and begin to attack the walls of the artery. In order to protect themselves against these assaults, muscle walls multiply strangely. The strange thickening of the walls of artery creates tension known as micro-tears. In these cracks, several substances, like cholesterol, will infiltrate. Then, the oxidization of these substances takes place. Our immune system protector known as White Blood Cells (WBC) will undoubtedly try to remove them. Since, these substances are highly toxic, the attacking WBC eventually dies. These elements together create a plaque and turn into atherosclerosis. This plaque continues becoming wider and wider and generate a condition known as myocardial infarction.

Two things are vital to protect our arteries. Firstly, the free radicals must need to be decreased. It is vital to note that a minute quantity of free radicals is required for our survival. Moreover, our immune system must be strengthen.

Arteriosclerotic Plaque
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