Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular

When coronary arteries get affected by the Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular, then this shortens up the supply of oxygen to the muscles of the heart. Such a condition increases the chances of getting a heart attack. One can also use the term coronary heart diseases stenosis for determining Arteriosclerotic cardiovascular. The hardened up arteries wall within the heart is the condition of Arteriosclerosis. Food items that contain a lot of fats and carbohydrates can lead to the occurrence of this disease. These items get deposited or stitched in the walls of the arteries covering the heart. This depositing results in thickening arteries walls to a great extent.

Plaque or atheroma is responsible for creating such a situation for the heart. This is a build up that takes place on the lining of arteries from the inside. Initially, these fatty streaks can appear as yellow lines or dots. When this plaque builds up itself with arteries walls, then this condition gets termed as atherosclerosis. This building of plaque can narrow the blood vessels. It also restricts oxygen and blood supply to the heart. Millions of people are there in many countries that suffer from arteriosclerosis cardiovascular disease. Most of them have troubled a lot due to this disease.
arteriosclerotic cardiovascular, arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease
Once a person crosses the age limit of 40 years then there is a great chance of getting trapped into cardiovascular or arteriosclerosis disease. This is the most significant time for occurrence of this disease. Men are a lot prone to get this disease in comparison to that of women. Some factors contributing arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease include growing age, heredity, diabetes, High BP, low cholesterol levels, lack of mental and physical abilities, and few others.

Symptoms of arteriosclerosis cardiovascular
Patients can experience pain in the chest in earlier stages of the disease. This condition gets termed as stable angina. Breath shortage is also a sign or symptom of this deadly disease. One can consider a heart attack as a symptom of arteriosclerosis cardiovascular. Women can experience prevalent pain in the chest at any time convenient during the disease. Diagnosis process includes tests like echocardiogram, exercises test, angiography, and few other diagnostics. Computed tomography can also be done as an alternative to the above mentioned diagnosis procedures.

Computed tomography involves the use of electron beams that helps in determining the calcium extracts on the arteries lining. One can also get the Magnetic Resonance Angiography, but they should do it only if the surgeon or the physician recommends them to do so. The procedure for treatment of arteriosclerosis depends on the signs and symptoms that appear on an individual. It also depends on the severity of the disease. Only an experienced and a professional surgeon can determine this disease at once. Some cases are there in which patients may not experience any signs or symptoms of the disease. In such cases, patients get angioplasty treatment or they can opt for treatment using medication. Heart surgery is another optional treatment procedure that can be used for dealing with arteriosclerosis.

Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular
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