Arteriosclerotic Aorta

Arteriosclerotic aorta
If a person finds out the signs and symptoms of him or her suffering from arteriosclerotic aorta, then it becomes important for that person to take some serious steps for getting rid of them. A patient can begin the process by going on a five day fast. During that period, the person will eat fresh fruits and vegetables. A patient should also take juices and other healthy natural drinks. Green vegetable juices can be beneficial for patients. It can fulfill all the requirements of vitamins and minerals for the body. Patients can make use of enema boiled in hot water for cleaning the bowels when he or she is on a fast.

Once the patient completes the fast, then one should take healthier diets to remain energetic. Diet of such patients should include basic food options like vegetables, fresh fruits, and most importantly it should include seeds, grains and nuts. There has to be an emphasis on raw food materials. Sprouted and raw seeds can also help the cause of a patient. One should always use vegetable oils like olive oil as well as safflower oil, and few others. However, one can undertake juices on short fasts, but it depends a lot on the progress.

It is a recommendation for patients to try and avoid taking large meals. They can take small meals as an instance. One should not take meals that contain excessive hydrogenated and saturated fats. Patients should also avoid food items like meat, processed and refined foods, white sugar, flour, and salt or any other food item that involves the use of these ingredients in arteriosclerotic aorta. The food that gets cooked in utensils made of copper and aluminum can get deposited in the arteries or on the aorta walls. Copper and aluminum are not toxic metals, so the food may not harm the patient. One should also give his or her best efforts to quit smoking at the earliest, because condition of a patient can be aggravated.

Arteriosclerosis aorta has a significant effect by the use of onions and garlic by a patient. All these facts have been proven in a recent study made on several patients. Vitamin C can play a beneficial role in converting the bile acids into cholesterol. Lemon peel is an effective arteriosclerosis remedy that one can easily perform in his or her household. Lemon peel contains a lot of vitamin P that helps in strengthening the arteries.

A person can sprinkle the lemon peel on salads or one can add it to stews or soups. Few lemons can be cut together for making medicine. Mix hot water in it, and then let it hover for at least 10-12 hours. Take this medicine continuously after 3 hours. One can also take after having a meal in case of an arteriosclerotic aorta. An alternative remedy that can be done from home is the parsley for arteriosclerosis aorta. This remedy includes the use of elements that can help in maintaining artery system, and blood vessels.  Other valuable items include the beet juice that can give a great deal of help to arteriosclerosis patients.

Arteriosclerotic Aorta
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