Atherosclerotic Calcification

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There are several risk factors of Atherosclerotic Calcification that one needs to understand. It is important for the cardiac disease identifying its symptoms in its early stage that would help in getting proper treatment. The coronary artery calcification is a most common disease among the people. This disease has spread in around 50 % people of age 40 to 45 years that increases to 80% in people of age 60 to 80 years. Studies show that this disease hardly takes place in 1% people of age less than 40 years. The arteriosclerotic calcification is the major cause of heart disease. The metabolic syndrome is considered as a clustering of the high cholesterol, hypertension, hyperglycemia and arteriosclerotic disease.

The arteriosclerotic has become a leading reason for the people death. Nowadays most of people suffer from this disease. Studies show that men are mostly suffered from this disease. The arteriosclerotic disease caused due to the increase of fat in artery walls. The people who died with sudden cardiac attack show the first sign of cardiac disease. The heart disease takes place when the artery get block due to the fat deposition. This blocks the oxygenated blood and other nutrients to reach the heart. It would further damage other organs that lead to several heath problems. The symptoms occur later when the disease reaches its final stage. There is a need to identify the risk factors that would help in getting the treatment at the right time. Studies show that the heart disease also occurs due to calcium deposition. This is them removed by Atherosclerotic Calcification.
Atherosclerotic Calcification
When a people suffer from arteriosclerotic, then several tests are performed to confirm the disease. It is also detected that actual stenosis occur due to the calcium deposition that is found during radiography. Hence, Atherosclerotic Calcification is done to end up the calcium deposition. Calcium is mostly responsible for the coronary artery disease. The CT scanning has become a revolutionary approach in breaking the calcium quantity in the artery. The calcification has a strong relation with the arteriosclerotic disease. It is also a truth that by performing a single test, the disease could not be found easily. Hence, several tests were performed that determine the disease. The calcification becomes high in those people who have not gone through the medical test.

The calcified arteriosclerotic plaque could be found in coronary artery that could be detected by performing scans. Women have found to have less coronary artery calcification compare to men according to the research. The overall score of calcium deposition is half in women compare to men. It is also due to the fact that women smoke less than men that eliminate the chance of calcium deposition. The other risk factors like hypertension also increase cholesterol levels. Their score is always less than men. The patients suffering from diabetes and those who have hemodialysis were mostly prone to calcium deposition. Therefore, doctors recommended taking healthy diet and performing exercise regularly that would help in reducing body fat. One should also stop eating oily food.

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