Arteriosclerotic Disease ( Arteriosclerosis )

Arteriosclerotic Disease ( Arteriosclerosis ) is a situation in which arteries become inelastic, thick and block due to fat formed on the walls of the arteries. The formation of Arteriosclerosis also known as Plaque caused due to the presence of nicotine, cholesterol fats, abnormal sugars or high blood pressure in the blood. One becomes more at risk with this disease as he grows old or if any member of the family is suffering from this disease. Emotional stress and obesity are also the factors inviting this disease.

Effects and symptoms of Arteriosclerotic Disease :
Arteriosclerosis obstructs proper blood circulation in the organs of the body of oxygenated blood. Arteriosclerosis if taking place to the artery of heart; the outcome can be a heart attack. As if an artery of brain if affected, the patient will suffer memory loss or paralysis. This disease could harm the kidneys, uterus, legs or eyes.

The kind of artery afflicted tells about the symptoms of this disease. Thickness of the artery of heart results in chest pain. Whereas dizziness and numbness occurs due to the hardening of brain arteries also known as carotid. Arteriosclerosis in the legs arteries make you experience pain in your legs even after a slight exercise. Usually, the symptoms are detected when the arteries are highly blocked by the Plaque.
arteriosclerotic disease arteriosclerosis
Arteriosclerotic Disease ( Arteriosclerosis ) Medications:
One has to change his lifestyle at once, if he is suffering from Arteriosclerotic Disease. Eat healthy food, stop smoking, and stick to a proper exercise plan. Captivation baths, pure water, and juice will help a lot for the improvement. Lemon, which is a good source of Vitamin-P, strengthens the artery. Parsley, honey, onions, and garlic are also good to get relieve from this disease.

Some of the medicines prescribed by the doctors are also used to stop blockage of artery by preventing blood clotting. Blood pressure medications and cholesterol also help in combating this disease.

In a condition of harsh obstruction of the arteries of heart, surgery is one of the options. It is done either to remove the blockage of an artery or to replace the obstructed artery through a bye pass surgery.

Plaque development began to stick to the arteries of young children and progressively getting worse as the teen get older. After the passing of many years, the Plaque gets buildup to such an extent that it leads to Arteriosclerotic Disease. This is reason to have a healthy diet for kids, from the beginning onwards.

It is a disease in which the blood vessels got characterized by hardening and thickening of the arteries. This results in a decrease of blood flow which can harm other tissue and nerves. The thickening of the arteries may advance to a total closure of the vessel. The walls of the vessel get less elastic and could not able to allow the required blood flow. Calcium deposits present in the arteries walls contribute in the stiffness and narrowing of the arteries. Ordinary X-rays can show you the effect of such deposits. This is all about the disease known as Arteriosclerotic Disease.

Arteriosclerotic Disease ( Arteriosclerosis )
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Arteriosclerotic Disease :