Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease

People suffer from Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease due to the narrowing of the blood vessels that result in blocking the blood flow to the heart. This also affects the other body organs when blood and oxygen could not reach the heart.

Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease disease starts when the plague collects on the walls of the arteries. This causes hardening of the arteries. The plague gets on depositing the fatty materials that are collected on the artery walls. The arteries are responsible for circulating blood and oxygen to the heart. These fats narrow the blood vessel that act as a barrier for blood flow. As a result, its lowers down the blood flow to the heart.

There are several risk factors involved in the Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease that needs to be identified before an exercise program. The risk factors were classified as positive and negative. These risk actors helps in determining the patients conditions. However, it could not be considered as good or bad, but it could be assumed that the people having positive risk factor possess greater risk than the one with negative risk factor. The positive risk factors could not be avoided. Some of them are age, genes, gender and race.
• Age: The heart disease risk increases as the people become old.
• Genes: Those individuals whose parents or other family member have more risk of heart disease.
• Gender: Men have high risk of suffering from heart disease compare to women.
• Race: American Indians, African Americans, Hawaiians, Mexican Americans and Asian Americans also possess a high risk of heart disease.

Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease
There are several things that increase the arteriosclerotic heart disease risk. One needs to be careful about the factors that lead to heart diseases. Some of these factors are:
• Those people who have high blood pressure were mostly prone to heart failure or any other heart disease.
• The heart disease could also be due to diabetes.
• Those who smoke also have a high risk of heart disease.
• The cholesterol that collects in the artery walls is also a main reason of heart disease.
• Overweight
Kidney diseases increase the heart failure risk.
• Having hypertension or obesity are some other risk factors.

People suffer from arteriosclerotic heart disease in their early life stage. It goes on increasing till a person becomes old. The major cause of the disease is a high amount of fat collection near the walls of arteries. Hence, one needs to take care to stop fat depositing. This is only possible by eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily. One should do exercise daily that would help in reducing the weight. Stop eating oily food that increases the body fat. If the cholesterol is not controlled on time, then it would block the blood path and one feels difficulty in breathing. The other organs would also affect from it. At any time, if pain or the symptoms are observed, then it’s better going for check up to identify the disease.

Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease
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Arteriosclerotic Disease :