Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease

Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease occurs in a person due to the thickening or blockage of the artery walls. The artery walls become thick due to the fat that starts getting collected on the walls. The fats are due to the formation of plaque that is also known as the Aeterioscelerosis that is made by the cholesterol fats, high blood pressure, nicotine or unbalanced blood sugar level. This disease is severe, and it increase more as a people becomes old. People may also suffer from this disease if they have any of the family members suffering from it. One should stop taking the stress, as this is also a major cause of the disease.

When a person suffers from Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease, then their blood circulation gets mostly affected. It deprives the organs to take the oxygenated blood. This would, therefore, lead to heart attack, which has become a common reason for the people deaths. If a person artery is affected due to the fat, then it may also cause paralysis or loss of memory. The disease brought several other heath problems like uterus, eyes impaired, thyroid and kidneys problems. One needs to identify its symptoms that would help in getting treatment at the right time. The symptoms of the disease depend on the artery type that gets affected by the disease.
Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease
During Arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease, the heart artery gets blocked that prevent the blood flow. People starts getting faint, chest pain, numbness and hardening of brain. When arteriosclerotic takes place in people, then their legs also started getting cramped even after a small pressure. These are some of the major symptoms that help in detecting the disease. Today, most of the people suffer from heart disease; hence there is a need to remember the symptoms that would help in treating the disease at the right time. It is not impossible for a people to get the disease treatment.

The foremost thing is to change the lifestyle. Adopt healthy eating habits that would help in preventing the building of fat. This is done by eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily, doing exercise and stop smoking. People suffering by Arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease need to go for regular check up. Doctors generally prescribe the Anti platelet and anticoagulants like Aspirin and Heparin that would help in preventing the blockage in an artery. It further helps in controlling the blood pressure and cholesterol. At the stage when the disease reaches its severe stage then surgery can be done that would remove the artery, or replace artery by a functioning one or widen the artery.

In arteriosclerotic, plague stars depositing near the walls the stops the blood flow. This hampers the other organs and creates several health problems. Due to the fat that collected near the walls restricts the blood flow. The main reason for the plague collection is due to the cholesterol fat, minerals and calcium that are found in blood. The blood cholesterol is the main reason for the plague. Hence, one should start reducing their blood cholesterol to stop depositing in blood.

Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease
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Arteriosclerotic Disease :